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Welcome to Death Valley…

The Greatest Outdoor Natural Museum on Earth

Visiting Death Valley is the experience of a lifetime. Desert Valley National Park is a majestic, rugged environment with a history spanning thousands of years.  The region offers woodlands, mountains, canyons, dunes and desert with a clear night sky second to none. The winter climate here is dry and moderate, with snow-covered mountain peaks lining the Valley. But the only escape from the hottest place on earth (temperatures can reach a record-setting 134 degrees) during the seven months of summer are the surrounding pine-covered mountains. When the rare downpour does occur, wildflowers burst open, filling the landscape with colorful blooms. Yet, even without moisture, the Valley is home to more than 1,000 types of plants. Wildlife abounds but is mostly nocturnal with larger animals found in the higher elevations.

Native Americans have inhabited Death Valley for thousands of years, learning to live skillfully in the harsh environment. Legends abound of brave pioneers, outlaws and badland hideouts, gunfights and skirmishes. But perhaps one of the most wonderful aspects of this amazing land is that visitors can experience the world of these earlier inhabitants, outlaws and explorers – and create their own amazing legend. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Environmental Policy

As a family-run company, Ortega National Parks operates in small to medium size Park operations where we can make a real difference in reducing the local ecosystem impact of not only our operations but also all Park visitors. Our success is in large part due to the fact that we do not consider the local and National Parks just another business. We consider it a privilege to work as junior partners with the NPS and local communities to keep the Parks “America’s Best Idea”.

Ortega National Parks is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all applicable legal regulations and other requirements in order to preserve and protect the unique environments and precious resources where we operate, allowing our guests and future generations to experience the beauty, serenity, and splendor of the local and national parks.  We annually establish and review objectives and targets based on our commitment to pollution prevention and continuous improvement.

Consideration of the environmental impact of daily operations plays a primary role in our planning and management at Ortega National Parks.  Therefore, we are committed to the following:

  • Implementation of strict Water Preservation procedures and technologies.
  • Energy Reduction through improved efficiencies and aggressive usage strategies and technologies.