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Guest Safety

Emergency: Please contact the front desk or any Stovepipe Wells employee.
Smoke Alarms and Fire Sprinklers: The hotel is equipped with smoke alarms and sprinklers. Please evacuate the building if an alarm is triggered and contact the front desk.

Desert Safety Tips
• Drink 4-6 Liters of water per day.
• Make sure someone knows your plans. Complete a free backcountry permit
• Take plenty of water on your hikes.
• Keep extra water and food in your car. If your car breaks down stay with it until help arrives.
• Wear sunscreen and a sun hat.
• Pay special attention to children – they can’t handle as much sun exposure.
• Take a map. GPS Navigators don’t always recommend the best roads.
• Don’t plan on cell phone coverage – to meet up with your group or even emergency help – much of the Valley has limited or no coverage.
• Take it easy! Visitors have died or been seriously injured in recent history by overestimating their abilities and underestimating the strength of the desert.
• Check road conditions before you go.