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Pet Policy

As a concessionaire for the National Park Service, we must request that our guests adhere to the following pet policy

  • Possession of a pet in an area designated as a swimming facility is strictly prohibited.
  • Failing to crate or restrain your pet on a leash (which shall not exceed six feet) is prohibited.
  • Leaving pets unattended (and/or uncrated) in a hotel room, in a public building or tied to an outside object is prohibited.
  • Allowing pets to make noise that is unreasonable considering location, time of day or night, or otherwise impacting other guests is prohibited.
  • Frightening wildlife by barking, howling or making noises is prohibited.
  • Owners of pets failing to comply with excrement disposal conditions may be penalized or otherwise reported to the National Park Service.
  • Pets running at large may be impounded and their owners may be charged for all applicable fees.
  • Pet owners are responsible for and will be charged for all damage to rooms or property caused by their pets.